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How Our Treatments Work


As osteopaths, it is important to look at the body as a whole, as established by Andrew Taylor Still in the 1800's. Every part of the body influences the other, meaning that a problem tolerated in the past may be causing you to feel discomfort in another area as a result.


Therefore, in order to successfully treat your problem or area of pain, it is important that your osteopath understands your body, medical history and lifestyle. This will be gained through a series of questions asked prior to your first appointment at the clinic. This way your osteopath has a full picture and can treat you as suited to your individual needs.


There are many ways your osteopath can treat you and adjust the way your joints and muscles are working in order to resolve your discomfort. This can range from quick movements that sometimes make your joints click, to gentle stretching and massaging, as well as putting your joints through ranges of movements.


Before your treatment starts please let your osteopath know if there is any form of treatment you do not wish to receive, whether it be on a certain area of the body, or a maneuver you would prefer not to receive due to previous experience.

Explanation and Follow Up 

Throughout your treatment your osteopath will keep you informed of what is happening. To get the best out of your treatment it is important that you as a patient know exactly what has gone wrong and why. Your osteopath can help you understand how to make simple changes to your lifestyle to help lead you to recovery. This may include simple exercises and stretches, or advice on posture, and breathing.


Your osteopath learns from you, and you learn from us, therefore communication is key in success. Please do ask questions, and keep us informed of anything you think may be affecting you and your body as your series of treatment, where necessary, progresses.

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