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A.G Pusey Associates Haywards Heath

About Us and Our Services

At A.G Pusey Osteopaths Haywards Heath and Pusey Osteopaths Burgess Hill we have a team of 9 highly experienced Osteopaths to help and provide care for a diverse range of problems, or anyone who feels osteopathy may be beneficial. Below are a list of just a few of the problems we treat:

  • colic and sleeplessness in babies

  • children with bad posture or middle ear infections

  • performance related issues in sports men, women and children

  • postural changes associated with pregnancy

  • job related aches and pains in manual or office workers

  • stiff joints and wear and tear associated with the ageing process. 

Upon special request, we are able to provide osteopathic treatment for dogs and horses, as well as provide home visits for people unable to get to either of our clinics.

We accept most Private Health Insurance Companies including BUPA, AVIVA, AXA and WPA.

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